Enhancing Safety in Electrical and Solar Installations

At LTV Technologies, we’re committed to revolutionizing safety in the renewable energy sector, and our latest product, Thermarestor®, is a testament to that commitment. While primarily designed for AC power, the advantages of Thermarestor® extend significantly to DC power and solar panel installations, where safety is paramount.

The Unforgiving Nature of DC Arcs

DC arcs, especially within combiner boxes, pose a significant risk. A single loose connection can lead to arcing, and with no earth leakage to disconnect the circuit, the potential for fire is imminent. Traditional safety mechanisms fall short in DC environments, making early detection and prevention crucial.

Mitigating Risks with Thermarestor®

Thermarestor® is a groundbreaking range of products designed to prevent fires within electrical installations. By monitoring connection points for abnormal heat, Thermarestor® acts as an early warning system, isolating power and alerting occupants to potential hazards.

Investing in Safety for Sustainable Energy

In today’s renewable energy landscape, mitigating risks is as critical as maximizing returns. Thermarestor® offers a proactive approach to safety, allowing for early detection and prevention of potential fire hazards. By investing in Thermarestor®, you’re not only safeguarding your installations but also ensuring the sustainability of your energy production.

Key Features of Thermarestor®:

  • Monitors connection points for abnormal heat
  • Provides early warning alerts to occupants
  • Isolates power to prevent fire hazards
  • Quick and simple installation in new or existing consumer units and distribution boards
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit various applications

Join Us in Making Safety a Priority

Join us in making safety a top priority in the renewable energy sector. Explore Thermarestor® and discover how it can enhance the safety of your electrical installations, protecting your investments and ensuring sustainable energy production for years to come.

There are 3 Main products – Click on the buttons below

  1. Multi Point Sensor (T1102 to T1118 Range)
  2. Single Point Sensor (T1150 & T1155)
  3. Metacom (No Sim – MC1) – Standalone GSM communicator