Over&Under Voltage Protector 63A 2P – YRO

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The YRVP Series Adjustable Over & Under Voltage Relay is a new generation of household electrical equipment protector, designed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your appliances. This product is in high demand in the market for its comprehensive protection features and ease of installation.

Key Features:

  1. Voltage Protection: This relay is equipped to safeguard household electrical equipment from overvoltage and undervoltage conditions. Overvoltage protection ranges from 230V to 300V (default: 270V), while undervoltage protection spans from 140V to 210V (default: 170V).
  2. Load Handling: With a maximum loading power of 63A, the relay can effectively manage electrical currents within the specified range.
  3. Customizable Delay: Users can tailor the delay time to their specific needs, with options ranging from 1 second to 500 seconds (default: 30 seconds). This feature is beneficial for accommodating brief voltage fluctuations without triggering the protection.
  4. Quick Action: The protection action time is adjustable from 0.1 seconds to 30 seconds (default: 0.5 seconds), ensuring a rapid response to voltage fluctuations.
  5. Surge Protection: It’s important to note that this voltage regulator complements surge protectors. While it handles overvoltage and undervoltage scenarios, surge protectors are still essential for guarding against major surges and lightning strikes.
  6. Load Shedding Compatibility: In regions like South Africa, where load shedding is common, this relay is ideal. It can protect appliances from voltage spikes that occur when power is restored after load shedding.
  7. Electrical Compliance: The relay is designed with the utmost compliance in mind. It maintains the integrity of the electrical system by ensuring that the neutral is not switched. Clear illustrations help users connect the live and neutral wires correctly, maintaining continuity on the neutral line.
  8. Modular Design: The product adheres to modularization standards, making it easy to install, maintain, and integrate into household electrical systems.
  9. Compact and Aesthetic: Its compact structure and attractive appearance make it suitable for installations in homes and locations where aesthetics matter.

In summary, the YRVP Series Adjustable Over & Under Voltage Relay is a versatile and reliable household electrical equipment protector. It offers comprehensive protection against voltage fluctuations and ensures electrical compliance by maintaining neutral continuity. While it doesn’t replace the role of surge protectors for extreme surges and lightning, it excels at protecting appliances from the typical overvoltage and undervoltage situations, particularly during load shedding in regions like South Africa.