YRO PV Combiner Box Components (16A)

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Premium YRO PV Combiner Box components. This kit includes 2 x 32A DC fuses with LED, 2 x 15A fuse links, a DC surge protective device, and a 16A DC circuit breaker. Certified for safety and durability, these components ensure optimal performance and protection. Suitable for PV systems with combined panels

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YRO PV Combiner Box Components (16A)

Enhance your solar power system with our premium YRO PV Combiner Box components, designed for reliable and efficient performance. This kit includes high-quality fuses, surge protection, and a circuit breaker to ensure optimal safety and functionality for your photovoltaic setup.

Included Components:

  • Fuses and Fuse Holders:
    • 2 x 1P 32A 1000VDC with LED (YROPV-32B DC Fuse)
    • 2 x Fuse Link 15A 1000VDC 10×38mm (YROPV-30)
  • Surge Protection:
    • 1 x DC Surge Protective Device 2P 20-40KA 600VDC Type 2 (YRSP-D2)
  • Circuit Breaker:
    • 1 x Class A DC Circuit Breaker 2P 16A 600VDC 6KA Non-Polarity (YRL7-16DC)

Key Features:

  • Certified Safety: TUV, CB, and CE certifications for all components.
  • Over-current Protection: Designed to prevent unexpected tripping with a recommended protection rating.
  • Durable Design: Built for long-lasting performance in various environmental conditions.

Upgrade your solar system’s safety and efficiency with our top-quality YRO PV Combiner Box components.