Pre Owned Equipment

These is only mint condition Equipment, based on a strong criteria and all have moneyback guarantee for 24 hours after delivery, if you follow guidelines on how to unbox items.

We recommend that you take your phone or any other video recording device and do a full unboxing video. If you find something wrong it has to be on the video not edited in or on next video, upload on YouTube ot send the file in Dropbox to us.

We will refund you after we watched the video and see it as well. We will also do a packing video and compare it towards one another.

Therefore you have the piece of mind that it works and the only problem could be in shipment.

You will also get a choice to insure the items if you want, we do not take any responsibility for shipment damages, we can only deal with shipping company as written in their Terms and Conditions. Currently we use the Courier Guy and RAM couriers. Click on their names to see their Terms and Conditions on their webpages

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