We have all the options available but we need to let you know that a direct Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the one we prefer to be able to deliver direct and fast to you. Our stock is at distributors warehouses mostly and the money has to clear in their account before the make the parcel available at dispatch.

Depending on the time and the day some of the other options on PayFast can take up to 72 hours and MobiCred even longer 5-10 days. Depending on the Total amount and stock in hand we might deliver earlier, but we really would appreciate if you do a EFT to us with your Order Number as reference.

We can also email you a EFT Coupon number for little discount on some products. Email for EFT Discount to

Lemon Tree Villa CC

First National Bank – Heilbron 230236

Account Number 62919443284