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Johan BosmanCEO and Founder

My entrepreneurial journey has been a diverse and fulfilling one, spanning various fields and industries. I started my career in South Africa, a country where self-employment is often a necessity due to scarce job opportunities. Over the years, I’ve gained experience in several areas, with a particular focus on safety and security in renewable energy systems. Here’s a comprehensive overview of my career:

Early Years:

  • I began my career in the graphic design and digitizing industry, working in a family-owned company. This experience provided me with valuable skills in design and technology management.

Venturing into Remote Work (2001):

  • In 2001, I embraced remote work as a digitizer, serving clients across South Africa. This opportunity allowed me to explore new avenues and eventually pursue my passion for horse breeding on our family farm.

Exploring Renewable Energy Solutions (2001):

  • As we expanded our farm and realized the challenges of being off the grid, my father-in-law’s expertise as an electrical engineer and his established business, AE Products, became invaluable.
  • My studies in electrical engineering at Vaal Triangle Technicon, while not completed, provided me with a solid foundation in the field.
  • We began experimenting with solar energy in 2001, a time when the industry was nascent in South Africa and information resources were limited.
  • Through trial and error, we became proficient in solar technology, importing equipment when necessary.

Establishing Moesh Power Solutions (2008):

  • In 2008, with the onset of South Africa’s first experience of load shedding, I co-founded Moesh Power Solutions to address the growing demand for backup power solutions, including generators and solar systems.
  • Over time, we transitioned to focus more on solar solutions, particularly for farms and remote areas where transformer rentals were costly.
  • We specialized in security and automation systems for farms and residential areas.
  • Our business diversified into audiovisual services, including conference support and livestreaming, a crucial service during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

LTV Technologies and Supplies (2007):

  • I co-established LTV Technologies and Supplies in 2007, operating in a similar field as Moesh Power Solutions but eventually chose to collaborate instead of competing.

Entering E-commerce (2021):

  • In 2021, I initiated an online e-commerce venture with my son, recognizing the importance of adapting to the changing business landscape.

Full Commitment to LTV Technologies and Supplies (2023):

  • In early 2023, I made the decision to devote my full attention to LTV Technologies and Supplies, specializing in technology and solar solutions.
  • I began actively engaging on social media platforms to share my knowledge and expertise gained over nearly two decades in the renewable energy sector.

Challenges and Opportunities (2023):

  • South Africa faced significant power challenges in 2023, with load shedding reaching unprecedented levels.
  • This crisis opened up new opportunities in the renewable energy sector.
  • We identified a gap in the market for providing high-quality products and solutions that meet or exceed South African regulatory standards.
  • Our focus is on safeguarding consumers’ investments in renewable energy, with a particular emphasis on products that connect solar systems, such as DC combiner boxes, DC non-polarity breakers, surge protection devices, and other fire prevention measures.
  • We’ve built partnerships with experts in these fields to provide comprehensive solutions, from prevention to resolution.
  • Our goal is to expand rapidly by collaborating with businesses and manufacturers worldwide, leveraging the hard work and expertise gained in 2023.

In summary, my career journey has been marked by adaptability, innovation, and a commitment to providing sustainable and safe energy solutions. With a strong foundation in technology and a passion for renewable energy, I’m excited to continue contributing to the growth of this crucial industry in South Africa and beyond.

Dian BosmanSales Manager, Developer, LTV Droning owner & Pilot

Heilbron, 9650
South Africa

Carita BosmanDirector and Financial