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Welcome to LTV Technologies and Supplies! We’re your go-to source for a wide range of technology solutions tailored to your needs. From renewable energy systems to safety, security, automation, and office solutions, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise extends beyond just renewable energy, ensuring that you have access to quality equipment, expert guidance, and top-notch customer service for all your technology needs. Join us and discover how we can empower you with innovative solutions for a brighter future.

LTV Tech, our mission is to pioneer solar safety solutions. With PVSTOP, We are dedicated to providing a reliable shield for solar systems, ensuring the instantaneous and secure shutdown of panels during emergencies. Our liquid blanket technology stands as a testament to our commitment to a safer, more resilient solar power landscape in the face of unforeseen crises

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At LTV Technologies, we’re committed to revolutionizing safety in the renewable energy sector, and our latest product, Thermarestor®, is a testament to that commitment. While primarily designed for AC power, the advantages of Thermarestor® extend significantly to DC power and solar panel installations, where safety is paramount.

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ArcBox is an innovative, easy-to-apply solution designed to address this critical issue. It provides foolproof protection by effortlessly snapping around a DC connector, ensuring that any potential arc remains safely contained. This prevents the spread of high temperatures to combustible materials within or around your solar installation.

Don’t compromise on safety. Choose ArcBox and safeguard your solar installation from the risks of arc faults, ensuring peace of mind and optimal performance.”

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LTV Technologies and Supplies – Your PVStop Distributor in South Africa!

De-Energize Solar panels, quickly, effectively!

LTV Technologies and Supplies, import top quality DC products of DC Specialist companies like YRO, FEEO & SAHB Energy. Stock on hand on most popular Voltage and Amps.

To keep prices low and provide the best quality we do special order for your project and have it here in 30 days after payment.. Contact us for your next order.

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Rapid Shutdown Function and Explanation Video

During a fire, it is crucial to ensure the safety of firefighters and other responders working to control the situation. In the context of solar power systems, a “Safety Rapid Switch” refers to a mechanism designed to quickly disconnect the solar power system from the grid or isolate specific components to minimize potential hazards during a fire emergency.

The purpose of this switch is to cut off the power supply from the solar panels and prevent electricity from flowing through the system. This helps in several ways:

  1. Firefighter Safety: By de-energizing the solar power system, firefighters can work without the risk of electrical shock or injury.
  2. Preventing Backfeeding: Solar panels can still generate electricity even during a fire if they receive sunlight. Without the Safety Rapid Switch, power could flow back into the grid, posing dangers to utility workers trying to fix damaged power lines.
  3. Reducing Fire Spread: By cutting off the power supply, the risk of electrical arcing or sparking within the solar system is minimized, which could otherwise contribute to fire spread.
  4. Faster Fire Suppression: With the solar system safely disconnected, responders can focus on tackling the fire more effectively.

The Safety Rapid Switch typically comes with clear labeling and easy-to-operate controls so that emergency responders can quickly identify and disable the solar power system if necessary. It is an essential safety feature to protect both the emergency responders and the general public during fire incidents involving solar installations. Also very safe while doing maitanance on your system.

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